Grant Story – Lewis


We are absolutely delighted to be able to share this message & a couple of pictures from Lewis who received one of our grants last year. More information on the grants we have given can be found on our dedicated page here.  Thanks again Lewis for allowing us to share your pictures & note.

I just wanted to email you to see a massive thank you for the grant of £300 that allowed me to my gold PS4. I’m now spending a lot of time at home as an outpatient, and the entertainment it’s provided has saved me from going ga ga with cabin fever as I’m still partially bed bound, due to a fracture in my back. I have managed to also buy a couple of games for it already, and have a few games in mind for the future!
It’s also been great for streaming movies, and I’ve managed to arrange a couple of movie nights with friends utilising it.
Your charity has really made a positive impact on my current situation, as it’s given me something to do and brought me together with friends.




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