The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation raises money to provide grants for young people aged between 17-25 who are receiving cancer treatment at Southampton General Hospital.

The grants can only be applied for by professionals using the confidential forms supplied by the charity to the general hospital.

All of the information surrounding who our grants have been given too is strictly confidential however we are delighted to let you know that the money that has been generously donated has allowed us to give the grants which have been summarized below:

Total Given To Date: £69, 768

1-10: £3196
UK Breaks, Family Day Trips, Music Equipment for College, Passport & Entertainment Technology
11-20: £3130
Computer software for college, living expenses, driving lessons & trip with friends
21-30: £3100
Living expenses, entertainment technology, driving lessons & pamper day with friends
31-40: £3069
Living expenses & entertainment technology
41-50: £3098
Driving lessons, entertainment technology & travel expenses
51-60: £3237
Holiday, entertainment technology & household furniture
61-70: £3250
Mobile phone, living expenses & entertainment costs
71-80: £3100
Smartphone, laptops & entertainment costs
81-90: £3359
Items for expectant baby, travel & entertainment & car repairs
91-100: £3300
Passports, entertainment, audio books for hospital, camera’s & travel expenses
101-110: £3050
Driving lessons, living expenses, laptop & furniture
111-120: £3250
Travel expenses, entertainment, phone & living expenses
121-130: £3400
Clothes, travel expenses, flights to family can visit in hospital & living expenses
131-140: £3150
Childcare costs, travel expenses, computer games & replacement mobile phones
141-150: £3030
Clothing, Entertainment, & DVD Box Sets
151-160: £3050
Wedding, Entertainment & Days Out with Friends, travel expenses
161-170: £3000
Travel expenses, tablet for long hospital visits & Trips to see friends
171-180: £2500
Clothing, travel expenses & days out with friends
181-190: £2840
Travel to hospital & general expenses, tablet for long hospital visits
191-200: £3000
Travel costs, new clothes & trips out with friends
201-210: £2750
Entertainment, Nintendo switch & life expenses
211-220: £2409
Travel, date night & expenses
221-228: £2500
iPad, entertainment & days out

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