The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation Charity Aims:

To provide grants for young people aged between 17-25 who are receiving cancer treatment at Southampton General Hospital.

To raise awareness of cancer in young people.

To raise funds in fun and exciting ways just as Hannah would have wanted.

Meet The Trustees

In 2012 after a couple of years of fundraising for the Bone Cancer Research Trust – still a charity very close to our hearts – we decided to take the plunge and set up our own focusing on people who would be going through a very similar experience to Hannah within our local area.

The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation is formed by 7 of Hannah’s closest friends & family members. Each one of us works a full-time job and volunteer our spare time to make everything we do as much of a success as possible.

Gill Chamberlain – Hannah’s Mum. The provider of the most wonderful monthly team meeting snacks & the charity’s treasurer. Gill manages all things financial and keeps our snack bowls filled up at all times.

Kayleigh Chamberlain – Hannah’s Sister. From a design background Kayleigh creates the most wonderful signs & artwork for us. She is also the Queen of balloons & will always be next to the helium canister on event days.

Jim  Chamberlain – Hannah’s Dad. By day Jim works in the antiques business & always brings wonderful auction prizes to the table for any of our events.

Jane Feltham – Hannah’s Aunty. Jane is full of fantastic idea’s & is the most amazing pair of helping hands at any events we create. She’s wonderful at bringing us back on track when the idea’s get a little overly glittery.

Georgina Callen – Hannah’s Best Friend. Content specialist by day Georgina co-manages our social media channels & as resident photoshop whizz brings the first drafts for all of our event designs ready for team THCF to make them perfect. She also manages everything on thcf.org.uk keeping the site up to date with all of our news & events.

Sophie Roden – Hannah’s Best Friend. Sophie is always the team member who will remind us of why we do what we do & keeps the focus on the young people we help. She also co-manages all of our social media channels.

Claire Wallbridge – Hannah’s Best Friend. Claire specialises in large point of sale designs within her day job and is always on hand to make sure all of our banners are looking wonderful. She’s also a fantastic note taker so minutes all of our meetings.

2017 Five Year Birthday Ball


We can’t really believe it but somehow we’re turning 5 years old in 2017. To celebrate we are of course going to throw our biggest party yet. We have an amazing raffle & auction planned as always with some extra throwback surprises thrown in too.

If you’d like to get in touch about buying a ticket please feel free just drop an email to: georgina@thcf.org.uk

Saturday 6th May 2017

7.30pm – 1am

Ageas Bowl, Southampton, SO30 3XH

Dress Code: Suits, Dresses & Glitter






The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation raises money to provide grants for young people aged between 17-25 who are receiving cancer treatment at Southampton General Hospital.

The grants can only be applied for by professionals using the confidential forms supplied by the charity to the general hospital.

All of the information surrounding who our grants have been given too is strictly confidential however we are delighted to let you know that the money that has been generously donated has allowed us to give the grants which have been summarized below:

Total Given To Date: £39,135.50

1-10. £3196  (UK Breaks, Family Day Trips, Music Equipment for College, Passport & Living Expenses & Entertainment Technology)

11-20. £3130 (Computer software for college, Entertainment technology, living expenses, driving lessons & trip with friends)

21-30. £3100 (Living expenses, entertainment technology, driving lessons & pamper day with friends)

31-40. £3069 (Living expenses & entertainment technology)

41-50. £3098 (Driving lessons, entertainment technology & travel expenses)

51-60. £3237 (Holiday, entertainment technology & household furniture)

61-70. £3250 (Mobile phone, living expenses & entertainment costs)

71-80. £3100 (Smartphone, laptops & entertainment costs)

81-90. £3359 (Items for expectant baby, travel & entertainment & car repairs)

91-100. £3300 (Passports, entertainment, audio books for hospital, camera’s & travel expenses)

101-110. £3050 (Driving lessons, living expenses, laptop & furniture)

111-120. £3250 (Travel expenses, entertainment, phone & living expenses)

121-123. £1000 (Travel expenses, livings costs & clothes)



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You can donate or start fundraising through our Virgin Just Giving Charity Page

It allows you to set up monthly donations, fundraising event pages or just one off donations to The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation really easily – however if you need our help with anything at all please drop us an email contact@thcf.org.uk and we’ll help as quickly as we can.