150 Grants.

This weekend something special happened – we signed the cheque for grant number 150 and it felt pretty special.

5 years ago when we kicked this off we never really had any ambitions or huge plans. Just helping one person was such a huge achievement. Now we sit here and we can say we have made a little difference and helped 150 different 17-25 year olds who are going through one of the worst things possible.

Our aim is to offer grants of up to £350 for young people to have some respite away from the hospital or too be able to buy some technology to keep in touch with friends whilst undergoing treatment or to spend it however they need too to make life a little easier.

Within those 150 grants are iPad’s to facetime children when they can’t visit in hospital due to the risk of infection. Money to help with the cost of flights & travel for family so as to not face treatment alone. Money to help buy clothes for a baby on the way. Or clothes for when cancer treatment has caused for none of the current wardrobe to fit properly anymore. Mobile phones to keep in touch with friends whilst in hospital. Driving lessons to help become more independant. Money towards the cost of living & towards travel expenses.

You can read more about the grants we’ve given on the sites grant page here.

To date we’ve given £48,665 and none of that would be possible without the incredible support given by every single person who has supported us over the years.

Thank you for helping us make such small dreams become huge realities.

Lots of love Team THCF x


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