100 Grants

On the 4th September 2013 we were thrilled to receive an application for our first ever grant. Since then we’ve held three amazing balls, had hundreds of hugely generous donations to our Virgin Money Giving page, had a runner in the London marathon among numerous amazing sporting achievements completed all for our cause.



To highlight just how important and amazing all of your generosity is we’re delighted to share this message from a lovely lady who received one of our grants –

“Hi, I’ve just received a grant from you for £350, it’s so I can buy an iPad Air. I just want to explain why we are so grateful, It’s hard being away from your baby so early on in his life, he was only six months when all this stuff with cancer started and I knew then that I’d be spending time away from him and it broke my heart to think he wouldn’t understand why I would be gone for a few days and then back and I had no real way of seeing him because he couldn’t come visit me at the hospital due to risk of infection. Now I won’t have to go even longer without seeing him and it’s all thanks to you, without this money I would have to spend over a week without seeing my little boy who I’ve only had for such a short time. Thank you so much for doing this, no one can come see me at all during the radiotherapy as they will be all helping my partner with the little one so I’ll be able to see people and not feel so isolated. Thank you so much you have no idea how much we as a family appreciate what you’ve done. I honestly can’t believe you’ve done something so wonderful for me, thank you so much xxxx”

We can’t thank you enough for being on this journey with us – we have lots of very exciting things to come and can’t wait to celebrate more milestones with you soon.

To find out more about our grants and the money we’ve given check out our grant page: https://thcf.org.uk/about/grants/

Thank you. Team THCF.



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