May 2015 Trustee Meeting – What happened?

I expect you have been waiting with great anticipation for the next insight into our May trustee meeting !!

Well this month as well as wine and savoury nibbles to start the evening, we also had flapjacks as it was felt we may need to maintain our sugar levels!!!!

This accomplished we moved onto financial affairs and it was reported that 4 grants were issued in April totalling £1300. We were approached by Clic Sargent, who is our contact at the hospital and refer patients, to ask if we give second grants but we had to inform them that at present we do not, but as they charity grows it could be an option for the future. This is why we are trustees of this wonderful charity, as we know there are so many young people who need a bit of help during a very difficult time in their lives and we can facilitate raising more funds that exactly what we are going to do! All we need is your continued and extraordinary generosity and support!

Then we discussed the website and plans to update and improve the look. This went over the heads of the more elderly trustees who took to eating more flapjack!

Finally our attention went to the “Gatsby Ball” and how the preparations are progressing. Arranging parties is always a popular part of our job especially when it comes to the decoration so lots of ideas abounded. We still need items for the auction and raffle prizes so if anyone can provide anything or knows any company who might be willing to donate, in exchange for a bit of free advertising, we would be very grateful. Especially Jim who doesn’t function correctly unless he has something to sell!!!

Finally the only thing left to do was stuff the rest of the flapjack and arrange a date for the next meeting.

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