April 2015 Trustee Meeting – What Happened …

Have you ever wondered what happens a THCF trustee meeting…Well!!!

The evening starts with wine and nibbles !!!! Always an enthusiastic part of the evening!

Then we go through the finances checking the fundraising and donations coming in and the grants going out. This month the charity has given out 7 grants totalling £2300

Next on our agenda was the upcoming Gatsby Ball. Although on the previous events, The Calendar launch and the Masked Ball, the evening seems to evolve in a seemingly slick way, there is a lot of organizing and planning for months before the event. The Gatsby Ball is no exception so discussions were held regarding decorations and items for the raffle and auction.

Our Auctions and Raffle are becoming world renowned, well locally renowned at least!!  and is always entertaining on the night, if only to see Jim in action enticing people to part with their money!

However we are reliant of people’s generosity to supply items so if anyone out there knows of any organisation of person who could donate anything we would be really grateful. We find we’re asking the same people/companies to donate and although we do quite well I’m sure you talented people could extort more!!!

We then moved on to the marathon and the guy who is running it on the THCF behalf, brave man!  We are travelling to London today to support him, by cheering him on decked out in bright t-shirts to promote the charity and hopefully make us visible to him as he whizzes by!

With the wine finished we agree a date for the next meeting and went our merry way home!

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