The GRIM Challenge for a THCF

In November last year, 9 members of the Cooper Vision HR Team decided to sign up for The GRIM Challenge. This is an 8-mile course which has been used for testing army vehicles! The course includes running over puddle-strewn paths and crawling under camouflage age netting before climbing up man made mounds and stumbling to the finish line! But it wasn’t just the physical challenge and the thought of getting caked in mud that was the appeal.

They were also running to raise money for a very worthwhile cause – The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation. Hannah was a close friend of one of the HR Team, and was only 17 years old when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer, in her knee. Aft er intensive chemotherapy, surgery and 9 months in hospital Hannah was in an initial period of remission; however, the cancer reappeared in her lungs and she had to undergo another round of treatment. Unfortunately this wasn’t successful and Hannah sadly passed away in November 2009.

During her illness, Hannah made it clear to friends and family that she would like to help other young people in the same position. The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation was then set up to raise funds in Hannah’s memory. The whole team managed to finish this challenging course in just over two hours! And through sponsorship and proceeds from a cake sale, they raised a phenomenal £2,116! A fantastic achievement by all of the team – well done!

Team Members: Angela Gay-Benfi eld, Alex Knowles McNabb, Liz Hendra, Jane Lloyd-Cairns, Laura Mew, Fionnuala Quilter, Lauren Wallbridge, Claire Bower-Parker and Lisa Wilson.

Imagery courtesy of Marc Bowyer-Briggs Photography –


MBB_9030 MBB_9045 MBB_9048 MBB_9073 MBB_8792 MBB_8802 MBB_8808 MBB_8835 MBB_8907 MBB_8921 MBB_8927 MBB_8962 MBB_8980 MBB_8996

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